Since 1996, Manna® has been used by many BEFORE, DURING & AFTER CANCER THERAPY, which includes Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and Surgery.  Many users have difficulty consuming food during cancer treatment due to ulcers, loss of appetite and pain. Manna® is the most suited under such circumstances, as it is able to deliver nutrients to their bodies speedily.

  • Manna® is WHOLEFOOD in a bottle, loaded with protein in predigested form and other essential macro, micro and phyto nutrients.
  • Manna® can be consumed sublingually (under the tongue bypassing the GI tract), directly delivering all essential nutrients to the body.


Ms Goh Keok Hua (pictured on the left) age 64 first consulted the doctor in Sep 2016 for indigestion and unexplained weight loss and was diagnosed of Stage 4 Stomach Cancer in Nov 2016.  Her condition was INOPERABLE and began chemotherapy immediately.  She was very weak and could not eat due to a hole in her stomach. Even drinking milk cause her severe pain.


Her relative, also a cancer patient handed her a few bottles of Manna® to try. She "prepped" herself half a bottle daily before and during her chemotherapy. The side effects of the chemo were minimal and most amazingly, the hole in her stomach healed up. She was then able to eat like a normal person and was consuming solid food.


The photograph below was taken on 4th June 2017. Ms Goh Keok Hua was currently undergoing her 2nd course of chemotherapy. What was amazing was she GAINED 7KG despite going through the cancer treatment.

Ms Goh Keok Hua (Left)



Photos taken on 4th June 2017 showed her 2nd Course of Chemotherapy.








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