Since 1996, Manna® has been used by many for pre & post surgery because of its benefits in helping the body recover from surgical wounds. Manna® is WHOLEFOOD in a bottle, loaded with protein in predigested form and other essential macro, micro and phyto nutrients. Best of all, Manna® can be consumed sublingually, directly delivering all essential nutrients to the body.


The patient featured suffered 2nd degree burns on his face and hands in an accident scalded by hot cooking oil on the 7 May 2016.  This photograph was taken on 9 May 2016 during a medical appointment in an outpatient clinic at Singapore General hospital. He began consuming Manna® on this day.



This photo was taken during a home visit 2 days later after he had consumed 2 bottles of Manna®



Selfie taken on 12 May 2016 after 3 bottles of Manna®.

Selfie taken on 13 May 2016 after 4 bottles of Manna®.


Selfie taken on 14 May 2016 after 5 bottles of Manna®.


Selfie taken on 15 May 2016 after 6 bottles of Manna®.


Patient was discharged on 16 May 2016.  Above photo taken with Ms Quek Choon Geok of CANAAN HEALTHFOODS.





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